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Our Lactation Cookies and other mixes are specially designed to enhance milk production in nursing mothers. Each mix contains a blend of 3 key ingredients proven to support lactation: Whole Oats, Flaxseed and Brewer's Yeast. When combined with your favorite cookie dough ingredients you have a delicious, nutritious, milk enhancing cookie! Click on the links below to read more about the health and lactation benefits in each of these key ingredients!
All Cookies, Then Milk! Lactation Mixes are a delicious and nutritious way to quickly and effectively increase your breast milk supply AND replace lost or low nutrients that your body needs!

When will I start seeing results?
Studies have shown that moms who eat between 1 and 4 cookies per day WILL see results within 4 days. MOST moms will see results in ONE day!

Is there Breast Milk in your Cookies?

No. Never. And you do not need to add any to yours either! Save it for your babies!

Are there medicines in your Cookies?

No. Cookies, Then Milk! products contain only natural ingredients. We do not use Fenugreek, or medicines in our mixes. We are also free of preservatives, additives, dyes, artificial flavorings and MSG.

What makes these cookies work?
Oatmeal, Flaxseed and Brewer's Yeast are the three key ingredients to healthy lactation in these cookies. Each one has significant health properties that add encourage milk production and supply maintenance. Along with eating healthy and drinking lots of water, these cookies will drastically increase milk supply in a short amount of time.

I threw out the package! How many should I eat each day?!
The recommended consumption is:
Day 1-2: 4 Cookies
Day 3-4: 2 Cookies
Day 5-7: 1 Cookie
Repeat during week 2 (or whenever you feel that you need to! Some moms store the rest of their cookies in the freezer for a few weeks!)
However, feel free to eat as many or as few cookies as you are comfortable with.

We don't eat eggs? How am I going to make these cookies?!
The butter and eggs recipe is only a suggestion. Feel free to substitute ingredients that you would normally use in your everyday baking in place of theses. Common substitutes are applesauce, oil (coconut, olive, etc.), even banana! The choice is up to you!

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